Copper Nails 1 1/4″

Secure your copper piling caps the best way possible with these 1 1/4″ copper nails from Marina Products & Equipment.

Using copper nails helps keep your copper seal in place and promote a rich patina that builds up over time, increasing the piling’s resistance to the elements. We recommend these copper roofing nails for the installation and maintenance of pilings and caps because they’re reliable, resistant to common sea elements and weather, and they keep the right look of your pilings.

As these nails oxidize over time, they won’t lose their luster or cause significant concern for your pilings. The malleable nature of copper helps it protect the pilings and safely absorb impact but also makes repairs and replacements simple to do.

Order a half-pound box for small marina maintenance and installation or a full pound box to keep plenty of extras on hand when it comes time for annual repairs or that next expansion.

Copper nails are the perfect finishing touch to keep your dock, deck, and marina looking great and staying healthy.

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