Copper Cone Piling Caps

Give your pilings the perfect top with these Copper Cone Piling Caps designed to create a pleasing and effective protective barrier between your wood pilings and the elements.

By choosing a copper cone cap, your pilings will last longer and create a stunning patina as it is exposed to water, actually promoting a healthier piling that gives your marina or dock a classic maritime feel. Copper keeps its natural beauty while guarding your pilings, without being too heavy and causing damage like some materials can,

These cone piling caps from Marina Products & Equipment come in diameters starting at 7.5” and moving up in quarter-inch increments to 13”.

For the best fit, always order a cap that is 0.25” larger than your existing piling. So, that means a 9” piling will need a 9.25” cap. And the good news about copper is that the caps are malleable, so just a little tap can ensure a snug, effective fit.

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