Heavy Duty Female T-Connector – Galvanized Dock Hardware – 5″x5″

Single “T” female connectors have two welded 1/2″ tabs and is used with a male connector in order to link two parts of your dock or deck together. Male and female singles like this connector can be bolted to the side of your dock to make a finger attachment or bolted to a thicker seawall to make a ramp.

These “T” female connectors are set on a 5” x 5” bracket for added durability.

Best suited to dock layouts where an outside male corner can be used, these female “T” connectors are able to support dock areas with attached fingers and ramps. Connectors also support elements of your dock that are fixed with a male “T” connector.

The galvanized steel ensures each connector will last for years to come, resist corrosion, and take plenty of punishment from wear, salt, sea, and more.

Keep your docks moving smoothly with these galvanized “T” female connectors.

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