Niagara™ Fish Cleaning Tables – 4 Legs

Four legs are better than two, especially when it comes to a strong table for cleaning your fish. The sturdy, TIG-welded marine-grade frame on this Niagara™ fish cleaning table can stand up to harsh weather conditions without rusting, rotting, or encouraging the growth of bacteria. We recommend our four-leg models for added strength when attaching to the top or the substructure of your dock.

Save space and keep things safe with this amazing four-leg fish cleaning table.

Visitors and guests alike will love the constant flow of water that keeps the surface clean, allowing them to prep everything they’ve caught in one sitting. Combine that with FDA-approved materials and a design that eliminates places for bugs and bacteria to hide and you’ve got yourself the best fish cleaning table on four legs.

Make it perfect for your specific marina, dock, or deck by adding a hose holder with bib, sink and faucet, knife rock or more directly to the cleaning station.

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