FEND-ALL products feature a range of unique designs and materials designed to provide lasting value to any buyer in search of dock bumpers for boats. These dock bumpers are available mounted on recycled plastic lumber. This allows for easy installation on a round piling or a larger flat surface. It is also available unmounted for installation on an existing square post or on your pressure treated lumber for fresh water applications. These fenders are designed primarily for vertical mounting, although they can be installed horizontally to fit the needs of the buyer. When purchasing FEND-ALL mounted, FEND-ALL CAPS are included. Caps are NOT included on unmounted FEND-ALL.

All FEND-ALL dock bumpers are made with 100% certified UV resistant PVC, making them a lasting value, and are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths to suit the most specific needs, including custom sizes for certain products, in order to provide the perfect fit for any docking facility.

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