Large Round Flat Piling Caps
Large Round Flat Piling Caps

Large Round Flat Piling Caps

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Protect your costly dock pilings from external threats and internal rot while maintaining the look and feel of your marina with this superior line of piling caps. The white or black gel coat will resist UV light and damage, making it a perfect top for your similarly coated pilings.
Our large, round flat piling caps are built with a heavy-duty LLDPE metallocene-based polymer to resist weather and light damage, while the smooth round top gives your boaters and crew an easy place to grab. You can also mount rod holders and other dock accessories easily and safely on rounded top options.
Our large set of piling caps come in sizes ranging from 14” to 18”, climbing in 1/2” increments. Choose your size and be sure to pick the white or black finish to match the appeal and style of your deck.
When it comes to ordering your piling caps, not only do we recommend having a few extra in case of a maintenance emergency, but we know it’s always best to order a size that is one-half inch larger than your piling. So, your 10” piling should get a piling cap that has a 10.5” diameter.