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These heavy-duty inside corners should be used with one of the outside corners and has an internal pipe holder to be used with either 2” pipe or 1 1/2” pipe, welded gusset gives strength to the dock’s frame, requires carriage bolt set for attaching, measures 8 1/4”L x 5”H

Use this heavy-duty angle for all cross supports, each leg measures 2 1/2” L x 5”H.

5”x 5” reinforcing plates are used to back up the single T males and females.

Hold your dock in place and change with your yearly needs by using chain pile guides that are designed to grow and shrink in the even you change their locations or the piling used with them. Chain pile holders allow for a variety of changes, from fluctuations due to water level changes, moving the holders around your dock, or working with pilings of assorted sizes if you add or remove floating dock options for special occasions. Attach these units to your deck and secure the chain around a piling in order to keep your dock in place. These holders work with a variety of other rollers and guides as your dock demands. Marina Products & Equipment’s standard chain pile holders and guides come with a 5” x 5” deck plate plus 3/8” hot dipped galvanized chain, clevis and 2” sch.

For quick disconnect. Used to connect male and female T connectors. Galvanized 3/4” connector pin and hitch clip pin.

Single “T” female connectors have two welded 1/2" tabs and is used with a male connector in order to link two parts of your dock or deck together. Male and female singles like this connector can be bolted to the side of your dock to make a finger attachment or bolted to a thicker seawall to make a ramp. These “T” female connectors are set on a 5” x 5” bracket for added durability. Best suited to dock layouts where an outside male corner can be used, these female “T” connectors are able to support dock areas with attached fingers and ramps. Connectors also support elements of your dock that are fixed with a male “T” connector. The galvanized steel ensures each connector will last for years to come, resist corrosion, and take plenty of punishment from wear, salt, sea, and more. Keep your docks moving smoothly with these galvanized “T” female connectors.

This heavy-duty inside corner should be used with one of the outside corners, each leg has elongated holes for easy fit-up and is 10”L x 5”H.

Dock systems need to be thoroughly secured and anchored, or you risk losing your ramp or sides and injuring people or equipment. Never let that happen when you choose all your connectors, holders, and pins from Marina Products & Equipment. These single “T” male connectors feature a ½” tab set on a 5” x 5” bracket for added durability. Connect them with an outside corner female or single female T-connector to secure your ramps or the side of a dock where a finger is attached. Best used when an outside male corner cannot be used, connect a section of your dock with these “T” connectors. Galvanized construction means these connectors will last for years and put up with significant wear from use, water, salt, and more. Resist corrosion and keep your docks moving smoothly with these galvanized connectors.

Has two 1/2” welded tabs, use with a male outside corner, each leg is 10”L x 5”H

Has one 1/2” welded tab, use with female outside corner to connect docks end to end, joint requires 3/4” bolt set, each leg is 10”L x 5”H

Use this corner at ends of fingers and docks, ideal for swim floats and ski jump corners, each leg is 10”L x 5”H.

Floating Dock Hardware

Pile Hoop – Galvanized 12″

Heavy-duty piling hoops for pilings up to 12” in diameter are engineered to secure your deck how you need it. Whether they’re working with fixed settings or other sets of hoop roller pile guides, these Galvanized Pile Hoops can be mounted on the side of the dock directly or to an optional deck plate for the support in the location that you need. Marina Products & Equipment stocks hot dip galvanized pile hoops that provide years of service and resist weather, impact, and corrosion. Each hoop is durable and remains secure, but can also be easily removed from the bracket so you can change elements of your dock as needed. Use our complete set of pile hoops and guides with optional rollers to meet your exact specifications. Whether you need a permanent or removable solution, all elements feature marine grade materials and fit a range of pilings up to 12” You can reach us at (954) 462-9047 with questions about these and any other pile hoops, rollers, gates, and guides that your dock, deck, or marina needs.