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Give your pilings the perfect top with Superior Piling Caps from Marina Products & Equipment. These small, round flat piling caps protect expensive pilings from weather, damage, and internal rot by creating a strong seal that keeps out salt, water, and moisture. Each piling cap we provide is also UV-stabilized so it can last for a decade in the sunshine. Choose from white or black gel coatings to match the style of your dock, marina, or home launch. Every piling deserves significant security, and these caps are your nest option. Using a LLDPE metallocene-based polymer, our caps offer flexibility and strength to guard against the elements even when mounted with additional equipment like rod holders. Flat caps still deter birds but provide your crew and family with an easier time using and installing equipment as well as getting around your dock. Small caps range in sizes from 5.5” to 9.5”, coming in half-inch increments. When ordering your Superior Piling Caps, always choose a diameter that is a size up from your piling’s diameter.    

Superior Piling Caps from Marina Products & Equipment offer some of the strongest piling protection available thanks to a special blend of LLDPE Metallocene-Based Polymer and UV-stabilized coatings that are designed to resist everything nature throws at your dock, plus inhibit the growth of mildew and threat of internal rot. Strength, flexibility, and reliability are at the core of these piling caps. Choose a round, flat cap to support common dock utilities like mounting rod racks while keeping birds away. Black piling caps historically have a lifespan of up to 15 years while white caps have an estimated life of nine to 10 years, though individual conditions may cause this to differ. Marina Products & Equipment only works with dependable manufacturers to ensure that you have a high-quality dock piling cap that will last and look great for years to come. Be sure to order extra caps for maintenance or expansion needs and always order a half-inch size larger than the diameter of your piling for the best fit. That means a 10” piling will require a 10.5” cap. If you have any questions, be sure to contact our specialists right away for help getting the perfect size and style for your dock, marina, or personal slip needs.

Protect your costly dock pilings from external threats and internal rot while maintaining the look and feel of your marina with this superior line of piling caps. The white or black gel coat will resist UV light and damage, making it a perfect top for your similarly coated pilings. Our large, round flat piling caps are built with a heavy-duty LLDPE metallocene-based polymer to resist weather and light damage, while the smooth round top gives your boaters and crew an easy place to grab. You can also mount rod holders and other dock accessories easily and safely on rounded top options. Our large set of piling caps come in sizes ranging from 14” to 18”, climbing in 1/2” increments. Choose your size and be sure to pick the white or black finish to match the appeal and style of your deck. When it comes to ordering your piling caps, not only do we recommend having a few extra in case of a maintenance emergency, but we know it’s always best to order a size that is one-half inch larger than your piling. So, your 10” piling should get a piling cap that has a 10.5” diameter.

Conical piling caps are best suited to applications on the water where you want to keep birds and marine life off of your pilings, extending the life of each piling by years. Create the perfect seal with our complete lineup of LLDPE metallocene-based polymer caps that offer long life, superior flexibility, and dimensional consistency that limits intrusion and points of failure. Plus, each small round cone piling cap is UV-stabilized so it won’t weaken in the Sun. These piling caps can last up to a decade or longer depending on your environment. Safeguard against all rot and harm for pilings of 4” to 9” in diameter. You can choose from black, white, or green piling caps to best match your existing pilings that live in the harshest of marine environments. White and black piling caps range from 4” to 9.5” and we recommend you always order the next half size up based on your existing piling diameter. Green piling caps are available in a limited size range. Contact us directly for ordering information of your green caps.

Secure your pilings with safe and great looking caps designed to match your current aesthetic while they eliminate damage, rot, and more. It’s easy to create a pleasing look while giving every piling guard it needs against the elements. Medium round cone piling caps range from 10” to 14.5” and come in ½” increments. We offer standard white and black cap options as well as specialty green caps–please contact us directly for information on green caps and all specialty products. By choosing a round cone piling cap, you’re able to deter birds and aquatic life while creating a seal that keeps rot, mildew, and other environmental risks at bay. Ready to get the right caps for your pilings? Please note that you should always order the next half-size up! For example, if your piling diameter measures 10”, then be sure to get a 10.5” cap.  

Copper Piling Caps

Copper Cone Piling Caps

Give your pilings the perfect top with these Copper Cone Piling Caps designed to create a pleasing and effective protective barrier between your wood pilings and the elements. By choosing a copper cone cap, your pilings will last longer and create a stunning patina as it is exposed to water, actually promoting a healthier piling that gives your marina or dock a classic maritime feel. Copper keeps its natural beauty while guarding your pilings, without being too heavy and causing damage like some materials can, These cone piling caps from Marina Products & Equipment come in diameters starting at 7.5” and moving up in quarter-inch increments to 13”. For the best fit, always order a cap that is 0.25” larger than your existing piling. So, that means a 9” piling will need a 9.25” cap. And the good news about copper is that the caps are malleable, so just a little tap can ensure a snug, effective fit.

Secure your dock pilings from sea life, birds, external damage, and internal rot with our series of large round cone piling caps in sizes ranging from 15” to 20”. Crafted with white or black gel coating, these large round cone piling caps resist UV light and harm–plus they’re designed to match the existing look and feel of your pilings and marina. These caps are simple to install and instantly safeguard your operations. These premium piling caps are easy to use and hang onto for boaters, while making it difficult for birds to nest or roost. Caps seal out the environmental threats so that you can save significant money by replacing your pilings less often. These piling caps come in ½” increments and we always recommend that you order at least a ½” size larger than your piling’s diameter. So, a 16” piling would need a 16.5” cap. Use the buttons below to select your next piling cap or contact us directly for other options that may better match your marina or deck.