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Tide Slides

Additional mooring support is required during times of storms and for larger vessels. Tide Slides are the perfect addition to removing slack lines with a maintenance-free approach. Review our hurricane-proven slides for any boat with easy handling, self-adjusting options that work on any tie-up-slips, side ties, and floating docks.

Protect your dock with hurricane-proven systems that work on any tie-up slide. It can also tie up on one side where you don’t need to line them up with a cleat, or struggle with constant maintenance. TideSlides provide you with a way to safeguard while you tie-up securely and tightly, but offer easy in and out line handling. No more slack lines or complex setups—just a straightforward way to secure your boat where you want it in the slip. TideSlides can be mounted on the sides of piling in a position parallel to the boat to increase strength and limit any chances of impact. They’re some of the best options to secure your favorite boat or make it easy for customers to stay safe in your marina. Safer tie-up, more secure mooring, and simple use, make TideSlides from Marina Products & Equipment your best choice. If you are looking for a different size, call us for pricing and ordering. We’ll help you right away!

Securing boats from 25" to 38" or between 10,000 and 20,000 lbs. at your marina. TideSlides mooring is a safe and effective way to tie-up almost any boat while providing vertical movement so that you reduce the risk of harm coming to either your dock or vessel. With a stainless steel and marine-grade polyethylene construction, you’ve got a system that comes with virtually no maintenance and can withstand even the harshest of marina conditions. Mount your TideSlides safely to your marina and keep everything out of the way so your boats can move with the tide as well as waves or wake, but never break free from your mooring block. These mid-sized shafts can support some of your larger personal boats and put less stress on all equipment involved so that your mooring is secure and easy to use. Don’t worry with any slack line, daily adjustments, or unsecure tie-ups again. When you choose TideSlides from Marina Products & Equipment. Add these to your cart using the button below or call us for more information and size options.

Secure marina boats up to 30" or as much as 12,000 lbs. with this proven safe, secure, and strong mooring system: TideSlides. Marina Products & Equipment is proud to give you access to a hurricane-proven system for your small boats, no matter what your tie-up situation is. Reduce your cleats and risks from slack line with a new platform that doesn’t require much time or maintenance. TideSlides provide a safe, secure way to tie-in while minimizing line handling errors. It’s easy to mount on pilings so you’re providing the maximum flexibility to protect both boats and docks. For your small boats and simple installation requirements, you won’t find anything better. Use the button below to add the TideSlides to your marina and get impressive results soon. Contact us to learn about other options including diameters: 1.75″, 2″, 2.5″, 3″ and 4”—and lengths up to 144″. Our pricing and mooring experts are standing by—ready to hear from you!