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Aluminum and steel cleats provide some of the most secure means to hitch and moor boats as well as other marine vessels. With a variety of strengths and styles, you can match dock cleats to the style of the dock and your traffic level. Support larger craft with sturdy steel or focus on preventing trips and falls with a strong set of flip up cleats, perfect for boating with the kids.

Aluminum “S” cleats provide your dock, marina, or deck a stylish way to secure equipment. The shape means you’ll have an easier time looping line around the horns, so anyone can secure their boat and keep it safe from wind, weather, and tide. By relying on cast aluminum, the S cleats feature corrosion resistance that can last for years. Multiple mount options and supports allow them to generate significant hold without taking up too much space. The “S” shape also gives you a more direct access to the bolt holes, simplifying installation, moving, replacement, and more. Match exactly what you need with multiple size and color options, supporting a variety of lines and boat sizes, while matching your equipment and preventing eyesores. Installing “S” cleats is easy, effective, and just what your growing space needs.

Made of sturdy marine-grade aluminum, flip-up cleats are an excellent solution for high-traffic areas, providing a sturdy and secure option for hitching boats with a design that minimizes accidental trips and falls. Great for areas where many people including children will be walking, the cleat folds down into its compact base, and flips up to provide a sturdy location for hitching lines. This product is available in either a 6” or an 8” option, to provide for any dock’s particular needs. A flip-up dock cleat is a great space-saver and security feature all in one.

Never dock in the dark again. By supplying your marina or home hookup with lighting you can reduce risk and damage to your boat, dock, and all nearby equipment. Part of that lighting should always include cleats, making it easier for you to tie up. Turn to these solar-powered lighted cleats from Lake Lite to build you own beacon and have the perfect landing strip when you return late at night or early in the morning.

Keep boats and equipment right where you want it. These heavy duty galvanized cleats provide you with the sturdiest cleats designed specifically for use in marinas, docks, and decks when you need to keep larger things secure. With a malleable iron core, the open base cleats from Marina Products & Equipment can be used for both vertical and horizontal mounting on standard pier and dock infrastructure. Recessed mounting holes allow you to accommodate hex head machine bolts for a tighter, more secure hold. We offer 10”, 12”, 15”, and 18” models designed to work with a wide range of ropes and boats.

Galvanized cleats are made of malleable, coated iron with an open base to make installation easy. Available in a variety of sizes including 8”, 10”, 12”, 15”, and 18”, these cleats are ideal for both horizontal and vertical mounting on piers and docks.

This product uses 3/8” hex bolts or lags for further ease of installation, providing a durable and secure hitching location for vessels in a range of sizes.