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Dock Ladders

Our full range of lift and dock ladders are designed to provide safety to boaters and deliver years of support for any professional marina to home dock. Lift ladders have become an industry standard because they provide full support while also minimizing the chance of rust, corrosion and barnacle growth.

Enter and exit the water quickly with a full line of durable products that provide fixed support and year-round safety. You can match your security needs from slim profiles with finger pier ladders to larger lift options designed for boat maintenance and play.

Marina Products & Equipment offers multiple fixed options including the patent-pending FloatStep® support that’s the only dock ladder to automatically adjust to changing water levels, keeping the ladder free of marine growth.

All of our dock ladders are made with high-quality, sturdy materials to survive in a wide range of weather and pier conditions. Click below to discover what works best for you and your water environment.

Made of sturdy marine-grade aluminum, a finger pier ladder is the perfect addition for small piers. The innovative design takes up a minimum of space for areas where keeping clear may be difficult, such as narrow fixed piers and walkways. Available in 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7-step models, this is an excellent solution to the problem of making it easy to get out of the water without taking up room on an already narrow pier and preventing crowding in limited spaces.

Need an adjustable option for an expanded reach but still want that slim profile for minimal impact on your dock’s space and aesthetic? You need this finger pier lift ladder in 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7-step configurations. Perfect for small piers in calm lakes and marinas with a crush of salt water, our ladders use sturdy marine-grade aluminum to resist corrosion and damage due to impact. The polished-metal finish won’t be an eyesore, and the low profile helps it fit in with your décor and your tight spaces, like narrow walkways. Choose an option below to find the perfect number of steps so that you and your guests can get in and out of the water with ease. It’s the perfect fit whether you’re getting to the boat or you’ve missed it.

Offer the perfect floating step with this marine-grade aluminum lift ladder that can get in the water on your deck, dock, or marina. Perfect for piers large and small plus any slips that see multiple uses throughout the year. This model offers a broad but small base to help it stay above the water level when mounted on any floating dock or extension. Limit the risk to people and equipment with this lift ladder that gets in the water or out of the way quickly. Our standard floating dock lift ladder is a 5-step model but we can special order a variety of other sizes to best fit your dock and needs.

Presenting the award-winning, patent-pending FloatStep® Dock Ladder. It’s the only ladder you’ll need to help get everyone in and out of the water, no matter how long or short the climb. This unique design ensures that you’ve got a safe and simply access at any water level, adjusting to the tide, floating docks, seawalls and many other challenges faced by fixed infrastructure in today’s docks and marinas. Need a tighter control on buoyancy? Turn its unique control valve for simple adjustments that support a heavy weight and even custom inclusions like the FloatTrak rough water support. Why is it award-winning? Safety first and then plenty of simplicity in support and access. Let the ladder do the hard work for you by adjusting to water levels and automatically keeping its ladder section free of marine growth. Choose from 3 to 8 steps below and find the right fit in an attractive aluminum or powder coating finish.

Marina Products & Equipment is a proud distributor of high-quality marina ladders designed to meet your specific needs. This standard lift ladder is designed as an economical option to give you the specific support you need that can be lifted and dropped to properly meet height requirements and keep both your dock and boats safe. Plastic-coated lifting cables ensure longevity, and the stop plate will prevent any units from falling through the base. It’s compact simplicity, exactly what most are looking for when they need a lift ladder for their personal dock and deck or for a growing marina that wants to support a wide range of vessels and guests. Choose below between 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 step designs for the perfect fit today.

Simplicity at its best. This straight ladder is the classic dock option that we’ve known and loved for years. It’s one of the most popular options from Marina Products & Equipment because the marina-grade aluminum construction and efficient design mean you won’t run into any weight concerns and it can withstand what the water brings. Solid build and simple installation make this straight ladder the perfect option for any home dock or professional marina. Perfect for fixed decks, the straight ladder comes in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-step options that can always give you enough reach into the water. Sometimes the best option is the one that’s withstood the test of time. Get your dock ready with this sturdy ladder we all know and love.