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These heavy-duty inside corners should be used with one of the outside corners and has an internal pipe holder to be used with either 2” pipe or 1 1/2” pipe, welded gusset gives strength to the dock’s frame, requires carriage bolt set for attaching, measures 8 1/4”L x 5”H

Build your dock exactly how you need it with a secure system to hold it in place plus allow for greater flexibility in movement relative to the water level. Avoid strain and stress on your dock with these galvanized pipe holders. The pipe holder features a 3” internal diameter to secure a 2” pipe for your dock or deck. It’ll support a multitude of systems designed for fixed as well as adjustable decking. Welded to a heavy duty 5" x 5" backer plate and fixed with a carriage bolt set, keep your dock in place with ease. Manufactured using 1/4" galvanized steel, this hardware is built to last in any commercial environment. Marina Products & Equipment recommends this pipe holder for any residential, commercial, or often-used marina and dock.