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Eaton Power Pedestals


Created as a complete solution for fire and rescue needs, this pedestal features fire extinguisher storage and a mounted alarm strobe light and siren, as well as an optional life ring. This unit is well equipped for any marina emergency. The alarm strobe light and siren can be automatically activated when the door is open or optional life ring is removed.

Eaton Power Pedestals


The Hatteras Light is an elegant and low cost alternative to the Lighthouse. It utilizes the same 360 degree light assembly as the Lighthouse, yet is only 30 inches tall. Thousands of these attractive pedestals are found not only in marinas, but also around pools, deck areas, boardwalks and landscape areas. The housing will never rust or corrode and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This unit is popular for smaller slips at marinas with the Lighthouse and for private docks.

Eaton Power Pedestals


One of our most popular units, the all-purpose Lighthouse pedestal has a wide range of features. With units in service around the world, this stylish power pedestal is recognized for its practicality and exceptional durability.

Eaton Power Pedestals

Lighthouse SS

The Lighthouse SS offers the same standard features and available options as the standard Lighthouse, but the Lighthouse SS is made with high quality 316L stainless steel for superior quality and performance.

Eaton Power Pedestals

Mariner Light

The Mariner is a lighting bollard that can stand from 1.5 to 4 feet tall and comes with a lifetime warranty on the engineered resin housing that withstands the harsh marine and land environments from Alaska to the tropics. Standard Features:

  • LED Light
  • Mounting base and painted pole supplied for desired height
  • Limited lifetime warranty on engineered resin housing
  • Custom colors and side mounted options are also available

Eaton Power Pedestals

Newport Harbor Mate

The most innovative mini-power center available, the Newport Harbor Mate is host to a variety of electrical services, contained in a compact yet strong housing and is packed with features. Standard Features

  • Tough and durable resin housing with UV inhibitor for lasting finish
  • Photocell controlled LED light with amber lens for bug reduction
  • Designed to mount on a dock box, piling, or stainless steel stand
  • Copper bus bar with a maximum rating of 140 Amps