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Never dock in the dark again. By supplying your marina or home hookup with lighting you can reduce risk and damage to your boat, dock, and all nearby equipment. Part of that lighting should always include cleats, making it easier for you to tie up. Turn to these solar-powered lighted cleats from Lake Lite to build you own beacon and have the perfect landing strip when you return late at night or early in the morning.

Lake Lite has updated its 8″ solar piling mount lights to include color changeable LEDs that give you the best solar lighting options and make it easier to manage your marina. Switching up your color lighting can help people find their slip, avoid hazards, and much more thanks to your solar-powered piling lights. The lights are simple and easy to switch between colors and brightness settings using Lake Lite’s patented magnetic swiping system — you only need one hand and a couple seconds to get it perfect. We’ve seen people use them to help boats navigate to the correction location, have people avoid dangers, and even provide different paths during an event. Follow green for the kids’ party area or red for the adult food and drink, making your marina-wide party extra fun and helping everyone know where to go even when the Sun sets.

Waterproof solar deck lights with a changeable battery give you the best tools around to never get stuck in the dark in your marina or on your deck. That means fewer accidents and you’ve just made it that much easier for anyone to find their keys, tackle, or other gear that tends to fall out of pockets climbing up or disembarking. Each unit is an industrial-strength light so that everyone can see and avoid the misstep that turns into an unwanted swim. Lake Lite’s solar lights come with four bright LEDs and the solar battery in the pack is rechargeable and changeable, to give you all-night lighting for years and years.

Keep your dock properly illuminated in the classiest way possible with these solar dock dots from Lake Lite. Coming in a pack of four, you can quickly install these lights for immediate safety and information. Use them to help people find equipment or create patterns to help you find the right dock at night – nothing’s more embarrassing than trying to tie-up at your neighbor’s spot!

The solar marine light from Lake Lite™ is one of the most affordable and practical options out there to safely mark elements of your marina from slips and piers to channels, breakwaters, and boating hazards. They work in virtually any marine application. Each unit is salt water rated and solar powered with lighting options that range from constant lights to specific flashes, with multiple color options. We’ve seen these used for boat houses, safety lighting, buoys, mooring, and even just across the dock to give visibility exactly where you needed. Flip between lighting options in just a simple swipe or turn them off completely with the included magnet (which can be stored in the unit even when it is lit).

Give your marina a pleasing light with these piling options that send lighting downward onto the dock surface. That way you prevent trips and stubbed toes, as well as limiting the lights shining right in the eyes of your guests and family. With a solar panel sitting right on top, these Lake Lights gives you the illumination you need for people to find their slip, watch their feet, and get back to the fun. Quickly switch between 5 different levels of illumination to make sure you’re visible during a stormy night or to make it clear which is the best path to take to get to your party at the boathouse. Create a beautiful atmosphere and give people the light they need without any LEDs directly visible and ruining the background of your photos.

Give your dock lighting system intelligence right out of the box with this new Lake Lite Solar Sky Light with an IR sensor. During the day, this Lake Lite will collect energy from the sun through its solar cell and store it directly in the lithium ion battery. Thanks to a strong but new LED system, energy collection can be used to power the light the whole night. Plus, you get two amazing lighting settings, one for standard ambient light and the second for a brighter light when motion is detected. So, you can look out across your deck and enjoy the scenery from afar, or have the light you need to work on your boat, pick up your equipment, or find those dropped keys from earlier in the day. Skip two lights and get the full system all in one from Lake Lite.