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Benfive Lighting makes a variety of dock lighting equipment and we at Marina Products & Equipment believe its LED Piling Cap Light is one of the smartest things you can do to add an extra layer of safety and visibility to your marina. Its LED illuminating piling caps are designed to last for years and provide soft, amiable light for your dock and outdoor areas. These waterproof lights offer a custom fit and can be combined with power and control units for timer and specific control options. Customers have even told us that they keep birds off of pilings while preventing docking hang-ups. They’re relatively maintenance-free and have an estimated life of 50,000 usable hours per LED. You get a low-cost per power-consumption light and your visitors seen an appealing sight that helps them whenever they need a little help seeing. It’s a win-win for any marina.

Pair industry-leading soft illumination with controllable colors to guide boats safely in, mark off hazards, or direct everyone to the right slip. Each light supports up to eight different color options that you set with a standard remote. Experience the best in dock lighting with these Benfive Lighting LED caps and bring your deck, dock, marina, or private slip into the future. Get all of the visibility and security you need with constant lighting or make sure that your tie-ups are well lit to avoid trips, slips, and falls. LED illuminating piling caps are designed to last for years (rated for 50,000 hours of illumination) and provide soft a soft light that fits in any outdoor area or walkway you have. By delivering a waterproof casing and a tight seal, these caps will protect your pilings from weather, wind, and UV damage. They’ve also been a great bird deterrent according to customers. Low-cost, high-quality lighting is at your fingertips when you select these Benfive Multicolor Piling Cap Lights.