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Dock Boxes and Trash Receptacles

51″ Dock Box

C&M fiberglass dock boxes are built to last and can withstand a wide range of environments and weather conditions. This model features 3/16" heavy fiberglass thickness throughout, stainless steel and corrosion-proof hardware, plus a UV-resistant white gel coating. Get the storage option you need designed to last for season after season. We think you’ll enjoy this 51-Inch Dock Box that features space-saving design with a built-in seat for convenience and to give you an extra use due to its size. The full stats: 51″L x 30″D x 30″H    Wt. 68lbs

Dock Boxes and Trash Receptacles

Large C&M Marine Dock Box

C&M’s large marine dock boxes are built tough. They use a minimum of 3/16” heavy fiberglass thickness with stainless steel hardware and a white gel coat the provides ultraviolet light protection. So they won’t fade or rust, but will provide you with years of reliable service. These large dock box models have two S/S louvered vents with optional gas shocks. It’s great for storing fishing rods, line, and much more. Size options available to you include:

  • 66" X 22"W X 22"
  • 71" X 22"W X 24"
  • 76" X 27"W X 26"
  • 85" X 27"W X 26"
  • 96" X 22"W X 25"

Dock Boxes and Trash Receptacles

Specialty Dock Boxes

Don’t settle for an option that doesn’t fit your exact needs. We stock two specific specialty products that address many of the common concerns we hear about standard dock boxes. If you’ve got a corner that is being wasted or want to give your visitors a place to sit without loading the dock full of hazards and benches, then check out these two amazing options from C&M Marina Products. Specialty dock boxes from Marina Products & Equipment include: Triangle Box with Split Lid

  • 54″L x 34″D x 29″H   Wt. 52lbs
  • Designed to fit corners and curved spaces but give you a solid base for storage.
  • Also available without a split lid.
51″ Dock Box with Seat
  • 51″L x 30″D x 30″H 68lbs
  • Space-saving design with built in seat for convenience.
  • Supports most guests and their gear.
  All boxes are constructed with a minimum 3/16” heavy fiberglass thickness, using all stainless steel (corrosion-proof) hardware, and with a UV-resistant exterior white gel coat.

Dock Boxes and Trash Receptacles

Standard C & M Dock Boxes

Is there always something on your pier that’s getting in the way? Do you constantly see trip hazards that could harm your customers and your business? Do the kids never put away their life jackets because they complain they don’t fit anywhere? It’s time to solve all of those problems and more with a simple, economical, and pleasant solution: C&M dock boxes. Storage is now convenient and safe with a pleasing design that’s perfect for your dock. With 7 different box designs, you can find the perfect fit. Top features of these boxes include:

  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Sleek rounded edges and domed lids
  • gas shocks
  • no-slam safety feature
  • 5” S/S louvered vents on both ends.
And much more.