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Sleek rounded edges, with domed lids. All cut and exposed edges are white gel coated with interior black webbing and 5″ S/S louvered vents on both ends. Gas shocks for easy opening and 2 S/S lockable latches.

Put all of your storage where it’s easy to reach with this high-profile dock box. Make it easy for everyone to pick up and store what they have, without the risk of cluttering up your beautiful deck or dock. Our selection makes it easy to deliver a clean, inviting environment that still holds everything your guests need for a great time on the water. Marina Products & Equipment is here to help you store any of your larger objects with this beautiful rough water dock box that features sleek, rounded edges and safe domed lids. They stay out of the way until you need them and are then ready with protect goods. Each box features properly coated edges to reduce risk and interior black webbing to simplify your storage. Get the option that’s right for you with one of our four sizes below, and feel safe with your purchase thanks to a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Dock Boxes and Trash Receptacles

Rough Water Dock Box – Low Profile

Get all of the storage space you need on your deck without looking cluttered, junked up, or creating hazards, just by choosing a low-profile rough water dock box. The storage you need is now convenient for everyone and won’t be an eyesore any more. Marina Products & Equipment is giving you access to four different rough water low-profile dock boxes that are designed to stay out of the way. Long and narrow boxes mean you can store all of your favorite gear or stock up on essentials for someone renting a slip. We’ve seen them at home in large marinas, private docks, and even at home. Grab the perfect storage option for your deck with plenty of safety and easy-to-use features. Go high-end but affordable, and enjoy a 5-year manufacturer warranty too.

Marine Steps

Rough Water Step Box

C&M Rough Water step boxes with internal storage are a stunning way to add storage for your dock or marina. Help guests, friends and more enjoy the water by keeping their gear nearby.  Each box features a stainless steel hinge, rounded edges, and can support basic step functions. This C&M item will add a little class to your dock thanks to chrome brass handles where all cut and exposed edges are gel coated. They’re a safe and secure choice thanks to a soft rubber, trimmed edge that doesn’t scratch the deck or scratch up your visitors.

Dock Boxes and Trash Receptacles

Rough Water Trash Receptacle

  Let’s kill the clutter and trash that lands on your marina. Give your deck or dock the clean feeling it deserves with stylish trash bins that invite people to actually toss their garbage instead of just letting it fall. Encourage everyone to do their part and reduce the potential for trash to cause slips and trips. It’s the best option you’ve got to look great, whether you’re running a large marina, private dock, or just want something sturdy for your slip at home. All of our rough water trash bins are designed to look pristine while putting up with whatever the sea throws at them. That means you’ll get an ultra-violet resistant white gel coat that doesn’t rub off even on the exposed, rounded edges, a domed lid for easy access and removal, and an optional custom-fit Rubbermaid trash receptacle interior. Marina Products & Equipment stocks two sizes, the 20-gallon (17 1/2”L x 17 1/2”D x 31”H Wt. 47 lbs.) and the 32-gallon (21”L x 21”D x 35”H Wt. 59 lbs.) options.