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Dock Accessories

7′ Marina Shower

Refresh and rinse off under a nice cool shower after a morning of playing in or on the water with this 7′ marina shower from Marina Products & Equipment. This model fits perfectly next to your slips, at the edge of your docks, and in secluded corners for maximum privacy thanks to a simple mounting solution and an 8″ x 8″ aluminum base. The aluminum body and shower head ensures that you won’t see rust or discoloration even as it sits out in the sun or gets to taste all of the weather that Mother Nature throws at it. Customize it to your heart’s delight (and the delight of your guests) with a variety of shower heads, hose holders, and bibs. Make it your own and easily clean off any one or any boat that you need. Our marina shower features a self-closing shower valve specifically designed to cut off water when not in use to prevent costly drips and leaks. Nothing beats a shower after a day on the water, so let everyone try it in style.