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Dock Accessories

Dock Stanchions

Water stanchions provide the perfect addition to keep boats clean and boaters happy. Select a single or double unit based on your need and we’ll put together the right hose option to make the stanchion functional all year long.

Dock Accessories

Large Dock Hose Holder

It’s time to end the pain and liability of hoses left lying around the dock. Don’t let a trip ruin your day on the water or your business – wrap it up! With this large hose holder, you’ll be able to wind up to 100’ of hose in a single location, allowing everyone to replace the hose when they’re done. This casting is offered in both a natural aluminum or a white powder coated finish to best suit your dock. If you’re looking for options that include a faucet for water hookup, be sure to contact us and we’ll help you get the exact product that you need custom-fit to your specifications. Mount this holder where you need it most with easy access to your existing water sources and allow your guests to easily clean up or make sure you’re always able to care for your boat.

Trip no more with this handy dock Hose holder for your small hoses. This easy-to-mount solution can take up to 50’ of hose and keep your pathway clear plus make it easier to keep your dock tidy when boaters are finished. The quality non-corrosive aluminum body, with an optional white powder coated finish, allows you have a safe and effective solution that won’t become a danger or an eyesore over the years. Grab a set of 3/16″ fasteners to secure it properly, and you’re ready to hold that hose.