The superior line of piling caps is offered in 26 sizes from 6″ to 18″ (in 1/2″ increments), in both black and white. Round cone is also available in green. An injection-molded process makes these caps superior in strength, flexibility and dimensional consistency. The material contains mildew inhibitors and is UV stabilized. These piling caps will stand up to the harsh marine environment and keep birds from roosting, extending the life of pilings many years. When ordering piling caps, if the piling measures an uneven increment, order the next half-size up. Example: if piling measures 9-1.4″, order 9-1/2″ cap.

Round ConeWhite, Black and Green Multicolored Marine Piling Caps
Round FlatWhite and Black Black Round Marine Piling Caps
Square ConeWhite and Black Black Square Cone Marine Piling Caps
Square FlatWhite and Black  Black Square Marine Piling Caps