FEND-ALL Dock Fenders

Marina Products & Equipment is proud to be the sole manufacturer and distributor of the best dock fenders on the market. FEND-ALL Fenders are the only continuously supported, double-wall fenders available with an “internal high-energy absorption web.” This unique design, combined with a special UV stabilized material, makes the FEND-ALL line of fenders the standard bearer for all marine fenders. They are made of a special PVC and are designed to face the harshest climates. FEND-ALL fenders are trademarked and patented. They have a life expectancy of 10 + years and come with a 3-year warranty. What more could you ask for?

Dock Piling Bumpers



FEND-ALL Unmounted

Standard lengths of 6′, 8′ 10′ and 12′, available in black and white. These fenders are designed primarily for vertical application to a piling or bulkhead. They can be mounted horizontally as well. FEND-ALL is also available mounted on 2×4 or 4×4 recycled plastic lumber. Used for vessels from tenders to large yachts.

Marine Dock Fenders




– Light duty dock fender

This fender is intended for use in the small boat market, up to 30′. or in areas where a lower profile fender is necessary due to space restrictions for slightly larger vessels. This is possible due to the internal hig-energy absorption web. It is available in a standard length of 10′ only, black or white.



Floating Dock Bumpers

     FEND-ALL 201

This fender is primarily intended for use on floating docks and is available in a standard length of 10′, in black or white. With its larger dimensions,
greater wall thickness and internal high-energy absorption web, the FA 201 can handle vessels much larger than typical floating dock fender available on
the market today.




Dock Corner FendersFEND-ALL 250

Very similar to the FA 201, this fender has larger dimensions and a greater wall thickness for use on larger vessels. It can be mounted vertically on piling or used horizontally on the side of the dock. Intended for use on medium sized boats up to 60′.




Marine Dock Bumpers


A revolutionary design in corner fenders, this fender can be installed both vertically and horizontally. It is used primarily to protect vessels from sharps protruding corners or bulkheads. Its internal high-energy absorption web can handle a variety of different size vessels. Available in 10′ and 12′ lengths, black or white in color.



Boat Dock Fenders


Your answer for maximum protection in narrow slips with no need for special fasteners, this fender is designed to be mounted directly to pilings using stainless steel nails. It is available in 6′, 8′ 10′ and 12′ lengths, black or white in color. Suitable for boats up to 80′  


Corner Dock Bumpers

     FEND-ALL P-Shape Guard Vinyl Dock Edging

Dock Builders, marinas and even a few smaller boat owners asked for profiles with lighter duty wall sections to provide protection for their applications. In
response, we offer this edging product, made from the same quality marine grade resins and with the same double molding process as other FEND-ALL
products. It is available in 10′ lengths in black or white. Height 3 1/8″ x Width 2″