Large Round Cone Piling Caps
Large Round Cone Piling Caps

Large Round Cone Piling Caps

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Secure your dock pilings from sea life, birds, external damage, and internal rot with our series of large round cone piling caps in sizes ranging from 15” to 20”.
Crafted with white or black gel coating, these large round cone piling caps resist UV light and harm–plus they’re designed to match the existing look and feel of your pilings and marina. These caps are simple to install and instantly safeguard your operations.
These premium piling caps are easy to use and hang onto for boaters, while making it difficult for birds to nest or roost. Caps seal out the environmental threats so that you can save significant money by replacing your pilings less often.
These piling caps come in ½” increments and we always recommend that you order at least a ½” size larger than your piling’s diameter. So, a 16” piling would need a 16.5” cap.